You wouldn’t think it would be this hard…

So, I was out for lunch with two of my best golfing buddies today.  We decided over lunch about a month ago that we wanted to make the time go faster until our golf course opened again in the spring.  What better way to do that than to meet for a fantastic lunch and yummy Okanagan wine at a new spot in Kelowna every week!  The countdown started at 17 weeks…

As we were sitting at a table with a view of the lake at Oak + Cru, pondering the plates in front of us, we decided that we really weren’t all that impressed with ANYWHERE we’d been so far!

Our first lunch was at Joeys.  We sat at the restaurant (not my favorite spot to sit, you’d understand if you had my laugh… and these girls are funny!  Oh, the stares).  Our food was okay, the first bottle of wine was awful, not only did the server break the cork in it,  we couldn’t even drink it.  The second bottle was passable, but the server was UNbelievable.  Having been in the industry for so many years, I wanted to cut her some slack, but every thing she said and did pointed to a girl who really was just passing the time.

“Would you like cream for your coffee”; “no thank you”; “here’s your cream”
“Would you  like a copy of your bill”; “no thank you”; “here’s your copy”

But, la piece de resistance was at the end of the day when what I do for UBC Faculty of Medicine came up… I said I taught people how to be patients for doctors exams.  I may have said a few more words than that, I usually mention Seinfeld or Kramer, but knew right away that that would be lost on this one.  The show was off the air before she was born and she had already made clear that she wasn’t really listening to anything we said anyway… when out of her mouth came this:

“It’s a really great thing that you do.  People need to learn more patience; I could learn more patience; I think everybody could really… especially young people.  I didn’t even know there was a class for that”

Blink Blink… I didn’t even know what to say, it was a lesson in patience… so we left.

From there we decided that we should make it a weekly event to find a better Okanagan spot!

Week 2/17 took us to a little hole in the wall on Bernard called Salted Brick.  Oh dear.  The menu was VERY small and very limited, especially for someone who doesn’t eat a lot of meat.  The only possibilities for me were a devilled eggs appy; or kale fritatta.  Kale Frittata?!  How do you spell Fritata?

I didn’t really want eggs because the plan is to have a glass of Okanagan’s finest with lunch and as die hard of a wine fan I am… I still didn’t want to have wine with eggs.  So the server went to the chef to come up with a creation for me.  Wow! Fantastic!

…I had eggs.  Kale Frittata to be exact.  Thankfully, the wine was lovely!  Hatch Cab Franc.

Did I say glass?  …I meant bottle.  As good as the wine was, our bill, for 2 people, was more than $100… for eggs?

The next week, I chose Hectors Casa!  I KNOW the food is good there and it didn’t disappoint… but the wine…ugh?!  What did I expect, really, but our tummy’s were happy.

Finally, week 4/17 brought us to Oak+Cru.  It’s a lovely little place at the Delta Grand, with incredibly odd table arrangements.  The food and wine was mediocre at best.  If it were for the server and the view, and the show that Donna put on trying to read the bottom of bowl… with food still in it, the experience would have been brutal – our day became an adventure when we stopped at GioBean on our way to the vehicle.  MAN, Gio is a riot!  He is so knowledgeable and gave the girls a lesson on coffee/espresso/grinders and machines.  He then proceeded to give us a complimentary tasting and crema lesson!  Seriously the highlight of the day.

All in all, Hectors Casa was the best so far, and I just proved a valuable lesson… Hectors was the best and got one line in my post.  I guess people really do share poor experiences a little more freely.

If you were us, where would you go next week?  Help!!  Leave a comment below, we’d love to try out some recommendations!