Tips + Tricks

How should we dress?
Dressing for a family session can be tricky! I always suggest everyone dresses in a similar fashion. Not that you have to be dressed exactly the same, but similar colors or styles.

  • Choose something that represents your family
  • Formal or Casual – don’t mix!
  • Choose complimentary colors
  • Consider the location – especially when it comes to footwear!

I was told to wear darker make-up, is it true?
More is better! I know that’s not how the saying goes, but if you want to stand out in your portrait session, a little extra makeup will give you what you’re looking for.

  • Be you – just a little extra
  • Add liner and lashes!
  • Wear or bring layers so we can capture a couple of changes
  • It might look like a lot in the mirror, but trust me… it’s perfect!

How long should I wait to get newborn photos?
NOT LONG!! Sleepy babies are the best – ideally, photos should be taken between 3 and 10 days of life.

  • These sessions tend to run longer than a traditional portrait session
  • Ensure you have a lot of diapers
  • Be prepared to feed your babe more than usual. This is outside their routine, even though they haven’t been here long, and comfort will keep them sleepy
  • If you are bringing siblings – have something to keep them occupied
  • Prepare all the props you want! Blankets, baskets, babies… oh joy!